Clapham escorts on the future of escorting

What is the future of escorting? Escorting is now one of London’s biggest business services in the adult entertainment industry. Soho used to bankroll London’s adult entertainment business but that has all changed. Today, escorting and dating girls at agencies such as Clapham escorts services of if what makes the adult entertainment industry go around London. Girls who work as escorts in London, are known the world over for their style and sexiness. Dating London escorts has become a bit of a milestone in any man’s life.


A lot of the escorts who work for services such as Clapham escorts have several years of experience within the adult entertainment industry in London. Some of the girls may have started out as porn stars or adult models. The only problem is that many of the girls are from EU countries. If the UK exits the Eu, what is going to happen to the escorts service in London? Are the girls going to live?


If the girls who work as escorts for places like Clapham escorts services are forced to leave the UK, it could have disastrous consequences for the adult entertainment industry. Many of the girls who work as escorts today, have in fact worked their way up to the rank of a London escorts. They may have been strippers, lap dancers or club hostesses. If the UK does leave the Eu, it could mean that all of these other professions are affected as well as the escorts service in London.


The knock on effect of the UK leaving the Eu could mean that there will be a serious short of staff.  This would not only spell disaster for Clapham escorts, but it would also mean that a lot of other adult entertainment business around London would suffer. The end result could mean less visitors to London, and a serious loss in revenue for the government as most workers within the adult entertainment industry in London do pay take. Also, what would happen to many of the shops and other business which support the growing UK adult entertainment industry? This is a very broad issue and has not even been thought of or properly addressed.


What can be done to stop this? When the 23rd of June comes around, it is important to vote Remain. This is the best hope for the adult entertainment industry in London. Most gents who live in London, or visit London, do appreciate their international and cosmopolitan escorts. There may not be any Polish, Hungarian, Spanish and Italian hot ladies at Clapham escorts if the UK exists the EU. Not only would it spell disaster for the UK entertainment industry, but it would also spell disaster for the gents who really appreciate their cosmopolitan escorts.  Unfortunately, as the adult entertainment industry does not have its own tax code, this is something that the Chancellor does not mention. He may mention the car industry and other industry, but we have not heard a word about the adult entertainment industry. Isn’t it about time somebody lobbied on their behalf???

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